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CHINO India TP-L Thermal Imaging
KR2S Series
Smart Paperless Recorder
KR2S Series are advance touch screen display (Keyless) Paperless Graphic Recorder with high performance and high operating along with....
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CHINO India TP-L Thermal Imaging
DB600 Series
Digital Indicating Controller
The DB600 is a digital indicating controller with the indicating accuracy of ±0.1% and the control cycle of approximately 0.1 seconds. Various functions....
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IRMA Series
Infrared Multi Analyzer
IM Series
On-line multi IR wavelength analyzer utilizing infrared absorption technology for measuring product constituent and/or thickness.
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CHINO India KR2000/3000
KR2000/3000 Series
Data Protection Paperless Recorder
KR2000/3000 Series are paperless recorders that prevent falsification of data to meet the requirement of FDA 21CFR Part11for medicinal chemical manufacturing....
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CPA-R Series
Furnace Monitoring Camera
This system utilizes a CCD camera, which has sensitivity at 1.0µm and Image Processing Unit....
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VJ-ADV Series
Industrial Borescope (Endoscope)
Industrial Video Borescope from RF SYSTEM Lab.- Delivering precise articulation control, portability and ease of use..
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CHINO is a worldwide supplier of SENSORS, INSTRUMENTS and SYSTEMS for the measurement of TEMPERATURE, MOISTURE and HUMIDITY. CHINO has been dedicated for over 75 years in providing the most innovative, versatile, and reliable products for today's environment, and into the future.

What's New
15.09.2013 Shifted Head Office to New Location.
03.08.2013 New Products Release (DB600 Series Digital Indicating Controller).
31.08.2013 New Products Release (Recorder, Controller, Thermal imaging etc).
02.08.2013 Setup State-Of-Art IR Calibration Laboratory at Daman Works.
02.05.2012 AL/AH4000 Hybrid Memory Recorder New Release.
02.05.2012 KR2S Smart Chartless Recorder New Release.
06.03.2012 Social Studies Field Trip in CHINO India Daman Factory.
New Application
28/2/2013 Storker Furnace Monitoring Camera by CPA-R
24/2/2011 Detecting ignition in refuse disposal plant by TP-L
15/3/2011 Detecting abnormal temperature of calcium carbonate on belt conveyor by TP-L

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